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Fleet Cargolux operates a fleet of twelve B747-400 frieghters. A unique feature of the B747-400F are four independently adjustable air conditioning zones which allow transportation of various temperature- sensitive shipments, such as livestock and preishables, on the same flight. Each of the four zones can be adjusted from 4 to 29 degrees Celsius.
With its spacious nose cargo door, the Cargolux B747-400 frieghter is ideally suited for outsized cargo, such as pipelines or oil drilling quipment, which does not fit through the side cargo door of the older, converted B747 aircraft.
Road Feeder Services Cargolux's hub-and-spoke operations combine B747 capacity with direct trucking to and from the major European centres through more than 40 gateways around the world with even more destinations available on the interline.
Leasing Services Cargolux provides long or short term leasing and sub-leasing services , either as a wet or dry lease.
Charter Services Cargolux offers a thriving worldwide full- and subcharter service.
CHAMP Cargosystems Blending the element of industry standard (IATA,ATA,ICAO) design with state of the art technology and many original concepts and innovations, it is available through hosting. Any feature of CHAMP Cargosystems (Drawn from and inventory of over 1000 programs) can be demonstrated

Cargolux 747 Technical Specifiations